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About Us

FapBuddies is an 18+ community based on Discord which is free for everyone, where people can explore, share, talk about, and enjoy all sorts of sexual topics and content openly and without judgement. We hope to serve as a hub for all your NSFW needs and as a place promoting healthy discussion of all things in the realm of sexuality, sex, pornography, and other related topics.
We strive to cater to a wide variety of interests with channels ranging from regular “vanilla” porn / hentai, to gay / lesbian, to furry, and to niche fetishes you probably haven’t even heard of before!

Our philosophy behind the making of the server is that sexuality and pornography is something too often hidden away in people’s lives as a taboo subject, and that this shouldn’t be the case. In creating this server, we hope to help people explore and talk about sexual topics openly! We welcome people with diverse interests in sex and we believe that there is nothing wrong with having different sexual interests/fetishes as long as they don’t violate consent and don’t seriously harm or have the potential to seriously harm themselves or anyone else in reality.